A corporation that adds value to social life

Tofaş provides its employees with activities and opportunities capable of enriching their social lives. In this way, while achieving successful business results, we both enjoy pleasant time and contribute personal improvement.

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Our employees have voluntarily formed and actively participate in 26 clubs and ten sports teams. Every year these clubs organize about two hundred cultural and artistic events such as concerts, exhibitions, shows, and conferences as well as sports meets that are attended by more than 50 thousand people consisting of Tofaş employees together with their families and friends.
Social Facilities
Bursa fabrikamızda bulunan sosyal tesisler tüm çalışanlarımıza, eşleri ve çocuklarıyla birlikte kullanım olanağı sunuyor. Tesisler, özel günlerde ve organizasyonlarda bir araya gelme fırsatı da yaratıyor.
Tofaş Sports Club
The Tofaş Sports Club conducts summer schools for employees’ children in order to encourage them to take part in swimming, basketball, and football. Located on the Bursa plant grounds is the Mustafa V. Koç Sports Complex, whose basketball and tennis courts are available for employees to use all week long. It also has a fitness center staffed by professional trainers. Employees at the company’s İstanbul headquarters have access to a gymnasium that’s also staffed by professional trainers.
Tofaş Consumers’ Cooperative is a store for company employees that has both a “real-world” and an online presence. Employees benefit from substantial price discounts and can even have purchases charged against their payroll account.
FabriCafe & İl Cafe
Located at the Bursa plant, FabriCafe provides employees with a variety of food and beverage choices. İl Cafe is a similar facility for employees at the company’s İstanbul headquarters.
Employee Support Program
The Tofaş Employee Support Program under which specialists provide personnel with information and consultation services in order to deal with medical, psychological, financial, and legal issues. Designed to help them balance their work and private lives, the program is accessible to employees 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Koç Ailem
Koç Ailem is a Koç Group program whose aim is to help all Koç Group employees improve the quality of their lives. Besides qualifying for discounts when purchasing group companies’ products and services, Tofaş employees can also take part in group-organized activities and social responsibility projects and take advantage of special offers in seasonally-conducted campaigns.
Tofaş Scholarships
Tofaş Scholarships are provided to support employees’ individual development requirements as well as the education of their children. These scholarships are handed out both to encourage outstanding achievement and to enable the children of Tofaş personnel to complete their education in the event of a employee parent’s death. The Tofaş Scholarship Commission solicits and evaluates requests for these scholarships, which it allocates based on merit.
Vehbi Koç Scholarship
In order to create equality of opportunity in education, since 1969 the Vehbi Koç Foundation has been providing educational scholarships to talented young people who otherwise lack the material resources to pursue their studies. To date the foundation has provided such scholarships to more than 45 thousand students attending mainly vocational high schools and universities.
Employees can keep track of the points that they earn for participating in the Tofaş Value-Creators program through the Tofaş Cooperative system. These points qualify employees for special discounts and can also be spent at participating merchant partners.

We offer a secure, dynamic, humanitarian, development-oriented work environment for our employees.

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