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Tofaş Sports Club

Backed by many years of investment in infrastructure and the infrastructure-focused team model which it has developed, the Tofaş Sports Club continues to nurture new talent for sports in Turkey.

Next Generation Tofaş Project

The goal of the Next Generation Tofaş Project is to provide all children with an equal opportunity to take part in sports. Launched in 2016, one of the aims of the project is to foster attitudes and points of view among children that will help them be successful not just in sports but also in all aspects of life. The Next Generation Tofaş Project is based on a training and implementation model that focuses on the trainer-family-child triangle in order to foster a generation that truly believes that every child should have an equal chance to play basketball wherever they may live. Since the inauguration of the Tofaş Next Generation Project, about 5,000 children have been reached through fifteen basketball schools set up in different Bursa townships.

Mustafa V. Koç Sports Complex

The premises and facilities of the Tofaş Sports Club Mustafa V. Koç Sports Complex, which opened its doors in 2016, are available not only to Tofaş personnel but also to Bursa’s amateur sports teams and athletes. With 5,800 m2 of space, this complex contains three basketball courts, a fitness center, and a fully-equipped sports rehabilitation center capable of providing whatever forms of physical therapy athletes may require.

Tofaş Gymnasium

The Tofaş Basketball team plays its home games at the Nilüfer Tofaş Gymnasium in Bursa. These well-attended encounters also contribute to the social life of Bursa’s inhabitants. Within the scope of “Fiat Engelsiz Hareket” Project Turkey's first disabled with basketball bleachers has formed in Tofaş Gymnasium. The tribune, opened to sports fans in 2016, has a total capacity of 58 people.

“50 Hoops” Project

With the launch of its “50 Hoops” project in line with its mission to make Bursa “Basketball City” in 2019, the Tofaş Sports Club immediately set about constructing basketball courts in different parts of the province. Last year a total of 40 courts were opened and it is planned to open another 10 in 2020.

Tofaş Basketball Schools

As of 2019, 3,655 children receive basketball training at 18 Tofaş Basketball Schools operating in 10 cities in order to contribute to the community.

Fiat Engelsiz Hareket

“Fiat Engeisiz Hareket” is a study initiated to enable drivers and passengers with reduced mobility to travel without being dependent on others. Based on the idea that "Everyone should have the freedom to travel safely and freely," the program offers support for disabled individuals and their families with the solutions offered by Tofaş under the Fiat brand for safe vehicle use and comfortable travel needs. In this context, solutions are provided on many issues ranging from ensuring the awareness of individuals with disabilities to purchasing vehicles and making them suitable for the driver or passenger. In addition to our product-based studies, we also support creating awareness and awareness about disability situations. Being aware of the importance of correct communication Tofaş is working to provide better services to people with disabilities.

Fiat Laboratories

Koç Holding’s “Vocational Education: A Crucial Matter For The Nation” project. Collaborating with the Ministry of Education’s General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education and working through Fiat laboratories, Tofaş helps industrial technical training schools and institutions to improve their capacity to provide motor vehicle technology instruction. In 2019, the term of the existing agreement between Tofaş and the education ministry’s General Directorate for Vocational and Technical Education concerning Fiat Laboratories was extended again. Under this protocol, Tofaş will continue supporting the project in the five schools where it is being conducted for another three years.

Tofaş Science High School

Located in the Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone in the Özlüce district of Bursa’s Nilüfer township, instruction at Tofaş Science High School began in the 2014-2015 academic year. Initiated with Tofaş support at Tofaş Science High School, the “Innovation Workshop” aims to support the instruction of well-educated young people who will shape the future of automotive and engineering field in Turkey and serve as its leaders. Having identified it as a “Project That Inspires”, the Ministry of Education has decided to expand the Innovation Workshop program to embrace all science highschools.

“İyiye İşaret”

In 2019 Fiat launched its “İyiye İşaret” digital platform to make it easier for Turkish speakers who have special hearing needs to communicate. Located at tr, the “İyiye İşaret” platform provides anyone in Turkey with hearing disabilities with freely-available visual, sign language and subject expression video resources that include the explanation of words and usage of the words in sentence. The goal of this platform is to help people with hearing disabilities to live more normal everyday lives by better understanding what they read and by better expressing themselves through writing. Focusing on 230 words at the outset, the number of words dealt with by the platform was soon increased to 350. Work is currently in progress to gradually bring the number to a thousand or more.

Tofaş Museum of Cars and Anatolian Carriages and Tofaş Art Gallery

Located in Bursa’s venerable Umurbey district, the Tofaş Museum of Cars and Anatolian Carriages is private museum focusing on the Anatolian transport heritage. Its collection includes not only Tofaş-manufactured cars but also examples of antique carts, carriages, wagons, and other transport-related objects that make it the first and only museum of its kind in Turkey. The museum occupies a disused silk-weaving mill, the historic Umurbey hammam, and an old Turkish house adjacent to the latter, all of which were renovated and repurposed by Tofaş. Museum also hosts temporary exhibitions with its Art Gallery.
Pamukkale Hierapolis archeological excavations

Since 2005 Tofaş has been sponsoring archaeological excavations at Hierapolis, the extensive ruins of one of the five biggest ancient cities in Turkey. Coterminous with the Pamukkale thermal zone, both Hierapolis and Pamukkale were declared UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1988. Excavation work, which is being overseen by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Denizli governor’s office, continued during the 2017 season with Tofaş’s support. The excavations are being carried out by an international team of about seventy archaeologists, architects, restorers/conservators, and other experts mainly from Italy and Turkey. Among the other significant Hierapolitan remains that have been unearthed are two necropolises, baths, a basilica, a martyrium, the Frontinus Gate, a gymnasium, an Apollo temple, and the so-called Pluto’s Gate (Plutonium), a shrine sacred to the ancient god of the underworld, Pluto.