Direct Your Own Career

“Direct Your Own Career” is a career-path rotation and progression program that lets Tofaş employees decide how to shape their own careers in line with their personal objectives.

Under the Direct Your Own Career program, Tofaş employees are the first to be made aware of any position vacancies that open.

Tofaş Academy

Tofaş Academy is a career-development base which offers technical and behavioral training solutions in line with Tofaş’s value-creation chain goals and which gives them an unrivalled and fully personalized learning experience.

Set up in 2010, Tofaş Academy’s goal is to formulate and institutionalize the corporate memory of Tofaş, a huge automotives manufacturer that is also one of Türkiye’s biggest industrial concerns and to exploit that memory so as to create sustainable benefit and to help all employees and other stakeholders do their work better today and also be ready for the future.

International career opportunities

Tofaş is one of Stellantis' leading production and R&D centers. Our employees are provided with opportunities to build up their own knowledge and experience and to contribute not just to their own careers but also to the Stellantis community as a whole by working as expats or on specific projects at Stellantis plants in other countries.

Tofaş is a workplace that focuses on continuous development.

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