Sustainable, Lean and Proactive Occupational Safety Management

Occupational health and safety (OHS) ranks first as the most important element in Tofaş's management model. The Tofaş factory, which is shown as an example among the Stellantis factories in this regard, is visited by many companies in order to examine the practices that make a difference. Adopting a proactive and lean occupational safety approach, Tofaş aims to protect all human resources within the boundaries of the enterprise from injuries and health deterioration by creating a sustainable occupational safety culture with safe working areas.

Tofaş aims to achieve zero work accident and zero occupational disease values within the framework of the OHS Management System it implements. Since the start of the journey of continuous improvement in occupational safety, the Lost Day Accident (LTA) frequency has been reduced by 90%. The biggest share in the formation of occupational safety culture is education and education is always given priority at Tofaş. In 2022, 36,948 hours of OHS training was provided to 4,517 employees.

Tofaş seeks to achieve zero-levels of work-related accidents and illnesses by means of its Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) System. Since the introduction of the World Class Work Safety program in 2006, the company’s Lost Time Accident (LTA) rate has been reduced by 90%.