Prioritize the customer
Leaders seek to create customer value. They are motivated to learn and to maintain customer loyalty without being concerned about what competitors may be doing.
Make people feel valued
Leaders respect differences. They listen to what people say and try to understand them. They create solutions.
Be candid
Leaders say what they believe and believe what they say. They have the courage to defend their ideas under every condition and they stand behind whatever decision is reached. They create a climate of mutual confidence through their attitudes, actions, and words.
Be bold and competitive
Leaders constantly raise the bar for judging the success of products, services, and processes. They strive to be the best. They are motivated to succeed. They take initiative. They are enthusiastic about the success of others.
Be innovative and direct
Leaders are aware of changes taking place around them and in the world. They use technology. They question existing ways of thinking and doing things. They are openly self-critical. They see mistakes as opportunities to make improvements, starting with themselves and their own jobs. They know how to stop doing things that don’t create value for customers or Tofaş.
Identify with the whole company
Leaders value long-term goals over short-term results. Their actions are mindful of the company’s priorities and interests and not just those of their own unit. They are always willing to take responsibility and never say “That’s not my business.”
Discover and nurture talent
Leaders look for talent and add it to the company. They take personal responsibility for its cultivation and ensure that the whole company benefits from it.
Be on top of your job
Leaders have in-depth knowledge about the things they’re responsible for. They resolve problems in ways that make certain they don’t happen again.