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Tofaş R&D Center collaborates with stakeholders from different sectors to develop products and processes, providing efficiency with advanced research projects it works on, and producing solutions to social and environmental problems. In this context, with the support it receives from the European Union and Tübitak and the cooperation opportunities created by these platforms, Tofaş develops innovative, environmentally friendly projects with high added value. Tofaş R&D Center accepted 13 European Union (EU) projects in 2021 and 2022, increasing the number of EU research projects it was involved in to 31, and worked with more than 260 international project partners within the scope of these projects.

One of the prerequisites for Türkiye's international recognition as a product development center to increase and develop is to consider all elements of the R&D value chain together.

Tofaş attaches special importance to joint design development, organization of local engineering companies and cooperation with universities. Carrying out university-industry cooperation projects in parallel with technology development studies, Tofaş R&D Center has collaborated on approximately 130 projects with 18 different universities in the last 16 years.

Tofaş R&D Center collaborates with many national and international R&D centers and research institutes.