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The systematic, infrastructure-focused efforts of the Tofaş Sports Club have nurtured many new basketball players both for Bursa and for the country as a whole ever since the club was founded in 1974. The club supports both rearing healthy new generations and improving the quality of people’s lives in general by giving all youngsters an equal opportunity to take part in sports activities.

Players and coaches who had their start at the Tofaş Sports Club have gone on to achieve success in sport both nationally and internationally. The club continues to pursue its goals both of making Bursa a city renowned for basketball and of being a model sports club in which its members and supporters can take pride. The Tofaş Sports Club’s priorities are to deploy its infrastructure assets to rear athletes, to manage its Basketball A Team, and to carry out social responsibility projects.

To date, more than 5,200 athletes and 420 coaches (770 of them national-team qualifiers) have been members of the Tofaş Sports Club.

Over the years since its formation, the Tofaş Sports Club’s men’s basketball team has won 1 President’s, 2 Basketball Super League, and 3 Turkish League cups. As of 2023, about 800 athletes have played on the Tofaş Men’s Basketball A Team. During the 2023-2024 season, the team is competing in Basketball Super League and Basketball Champions League games.

As summed up in its “Basketball City Bursa” motto, the aims of the Tofaş Sports Club are to provide all youngsters with the opportunities they need to take part in sport and also to promote equality of opportunity in sport and sport culture not just in its home province of Bursa but throughout the entire country. To leverage its effectiveness, the club cooperates with NGOs, local governments, and national and international organizations and also carries out projects capable of benefitting society as a whole.

As of end-2023, 15 Tofaş Basketball Schools based in 10 cities were providing basketball skills training resources and playing opportunities to 3,500 children.

As of 2023, e-learning system training videos had been viewed a total of 250 thousand times and 10,500 children and 5,000 parents had been reached through 15 basketball schools located in Bursa province townships.

In 2019 the Tofaş Sports Club began establishing basketball courts in different parts of Bursa city as part of Tofaş’s Neighborhood Pitches Project. As of 2023, 46 of these pitches had been created in the city and are being provided with seasonal upkeep and maintenance services.

Launched in 2016, the goals of the Tofaş Next Generation Project are to provide all children with an equal opportunity to take part in sports and to foster attitudes and points of view among children that will help them be successful in all aspects of life. The Tofaş Next Generation Project is based on a training and implementation model that focuses on the trainer-family-child triangle in order to foster a generation whose members truly believe that every child should have an equal chance to play basketball.

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Located in the Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone in Bursa’s Nilüfer township, instruction at Tofaş Science High School began in the 2014-2015 academic year. Tofaş provides the school with material support for the development of its instructors, students, and physical facilities. It also provides scholarship support for successful graduates who go on to university.

Initiated with Tofaş support at Tofaş Science High School, the “Innovation Workshop” aims to support the instruction of well-educated young people who will shape the future of automotive and engineering field in Türkiye and serve as its leaders. Having identified it as a “Project That Inspires”, the Ministry of Education has decided to expand the Innovation Workshop program to embrace all science high schools. This support is being provided with the goal of making the Tofaş Innovation Workshop one of the top three STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) workshops in Europe by 2030.

Tofaş Science High School’s curriculum gives attention to gender-equality and to career-choice awareness as a way of encouraging female students to go into engineering and thereby increasing the breadth and depth of its recruitment pool.


Located in Bursa’s Umurbey district, the Tofaş Museum of Cars and Anatolian Carriages is a private museum focusing on the Anatolian transport heritage. A former silk-weaving mill that used to be here was restored and converted for use as a museum by Tofaş. On display at the museum is a historical panorama of the history of human transport in Anatolia beginning with a wheel that is 2,600 years old and extending to the present day with examples of Tofaş-built motor vehicles.

The museum opened its doors in 2002 and has received about one million visitors since then.

Located within the same grounds as the museum is the Tofaş Art Gallery housed in the Umurbey Hammam, the original construction of which dates to 1430. To date the gallery has hosted six exhibitions, the most recent of which is “The Poise Of The Steelyard: Scales, Weights & Measuring Instruments”, a show with past and present-day examples of such equipment. The museum’s cafeteria, Fayton Cafe, is open to museum visitors as well as to the public. The museum’s gardens are planted with more than 50 different species and serve as a venue for concerts and culture & art events throughout the year.

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Since 2005 Tofaş has been supporting archaeological excavations at Hierapolis, the extensive ruins of one of the five biggest ancient cities in Türkiye. Coterminous with the Pamukkale thermal zone, both Hierapolis and Pamukkale were declared UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1988. Excavation work, which is being overseen by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Denizli governor’s office, is being carried out by an international team of about seventy archaeologists, architects, restorers, conservators, and other experts mainly from Italy and Türkiye.

Among the other significant unearthed in Hierapolis remains that have been unearthed are two necropolises, baths, a basilica, a martyrium, the Frontinus Gate, a gymnasium, an Apollo temple, and the so-called Pluto’s Gate (Plutonium), a shrine sacred to the ancient god of the underworld, Pluto.

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The Fiat Barrier-Free Movement is a program that was initiated to make it possible for drivers and passengers with reduced mobility to get around without being dependent on others. Rooted in the idea that everyone should have the freedom to travel safely and freely, the program’s goal is to support freedom of movement among persons with disabilities and their families through solutions that address their safe-driving and travel-comfort needs.

To this end, Tofaş deploys the Fiat brand in its efforts to come up with solutions to a variety of issues ranging from raising vehicle-purchase awareness among persons with disabilities to making vehicles more suitable for drivers and passengers. In addition to such product-specific awareness, efforts are also made to create and support disability-issue awareness and sensitivity among the public at large. Under the “Speaking The Same Language” project that was started in 2021, sign language is now being used when dealing with hearing-impaired customers in the conduct of vehiclepurchase, vehicle-use, and after-sales services processes, thereby making such processes more sustainable from the standpoints of their accessibility, inclusiveness, and equality. In 2022 the scope of the Fiat Unhindered Movement program was expanded by making changes in and adding features to the websites of the Fiat and Fiat Professional brands that will make it possible for hearing-impaired users to communicate with a dealer without the need for anyone else’s support. Tofaş has also set itself the goal of achieving disabilitystandards compliance among the dealerships and authorizedservice areas of all the brands that it represents by 2026.


Tofaş seeks to promote social gender equality through activities that create social added value. In line with the Gender Equality Forum’s global acceleration plan to achieve gender equality through the Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality Action Coalition, Tofaş will contribute towards efforts to increase the number of girls studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subjects throughout Türkiye by creating new projects a whose aim is to achieve this as well as by participating in existing ones. Tofaş has set itself the goal of reaching 30 thousand girls through such projects by 2026.