What do we expect of you?

1. You should be a senior or post graduate student.

2. You should be eager to learn and to improve yourself.

3. You should be partial to teamwork, dynamic, willing to accept responsibility, and be results-focused in your motivation.

4. You should be interested in developing skills that are difficult to acquire in a classroom setting such as visionariness, communication, holistic view, and continuous improvement.

5. You should have a very good command of the English language.

6. Your cumulative average should have been at least 2.5/4.

7. Your particular interests and skills should be compatible with project aims.

What do we provide you?

1. Accommodations for those who need them.

2. Transportation and meal services

3. Minimum wage corresponding to the number of actual days worked.

4. Training and development opportunities.

How do we support your development?

We provide you with orientation training, technical and behavioral training, project presentations, chat meetings with senior managers, a variety of social events and tours, and training program and project certifications.

Training topics

- Problem-solving techniques

- “Success is in the details”

- Effective presentation techniques

- Workplace communication and professionalism

- Successful CV writing and interview techniques

- SWOT analysis

- Project-completion presentations

- Knowledge-exchange seminar on social gender equality