What do we expect of you?

1. Your attitude during the internship period should indicate an eagerness to familiarize yourself with Tofaş.

2. You should take part in orientation and all other training activities.

3. You should complete all paperwork formalities without exception.

4. You should not have too many absences.

5. You should comply with Tofaş’s rules.

What do we provide you?

1. Opportunities to fulfill your internship requirement.

2. Training and development opportunities.

How do we support your development?

We provide you with orientation training, technical and behavioral training, project presentations, chat meetings with senior managers, a variety of social events and tours, and training program and project certifications.

Eğitim Başlıkları​

- Problem-solving techniques

- “Success is in the details”

- Effective presentation techniques

- Workplace communication and professionalism

- Successful CV writing and interview techniques

- SWOT analysis

- Project-completion presentations

- Knowledge-exchange seminar on social gender equality